Friday, June 6, 2008

Tutorial Seven: Posting You Tube Videos and Flickr Badges to Blogs: Explaining the process

Tutorial Seven: Posting You Tube Videos and Flickr Badges to Blogs: Explaining the process

Task One: Explain the step by step process required to embed You Tube videos into your Blog . Consider using screen captures to provide a visual representation of these steps.

Step 1: Go to www.utube.comand borrows and pick a video you what to post to your blog.
Step 2: Log into your blog site, so your ready to copy and paste the video in.
Step 3: Copy the embed code that is located on the right hand side of the page.
Step 4: Then paste this code into a new post on your blog site and give it a title. Step 5: Save the post and then press publish. Now view your blog and the video will be their.

Task Two: Explain the step by step process required to embed a Flickr Badge into your Blog . Consider using screen captures to provide a visual representation of these steps.

Step 1: Log into you blog account.
Step 2: Log in or make your flickr account.
Step 3: Click on the tools/buttons at the bottom of the Flickr page.
Step 4: Follow the instructions until the URL codes pops up.Step 5: Copy the URL code use the keys ctrl C
Step 6: Click on customize tab in your blog page.
Step 7: Click add element.
Step 8: Click on scriptStep 9: Paste the URL code into the element box.
Step 10:Give the badge a name
Step 11: Save the badge.

Tutorial Eight: Assistuve technology

Tutorial Eight: Assistive technology

Provide a definition of Assistive technology (your Cook and Hussey reading may be helpful with this).

“Any item, piece of equipment or product system whether acquired commercially of the shelf, modified, or customized that is used to increase or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities”. From the public law Technical Assistance to the state Act in the USA.

Describe one piece of equipment introduced in the assistive technology tutorial. Provide information on size, cost and functions.

Blink Switch

Size: Small clip pad with small black box with a sensor light in the black box.

Function: Switch that controls radios, tv and any other device that plugs into power. The blink controls the use other that device such as turning it off and on.

Cost: Fibre-Optic Eye-Blink Switch with Power Control Module (PCM-2) $1,068.00 +$133.50 (from spectronics web site).

How does your chosen piece of equipment increased functional capacity for the user? Provide examples here from the tutorial and lecture.

Gives the user more independence and more control over what they want to do. For example turn the radio off and on using the blink switch.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tutorial Three: Blog Creation Tasks

Tutorial Three: Blog Creation Tasks

Task Four: Provide a brief summary of the services offered by Blogger (this will be your third posting. Information can be drawn from the attached hand out). In addition to this name one other Blog host.

A blog is a space which is your own where you can post comments and have discussion with other people on all sorts of things. It’s kind of like an online diary. You can chat with friends and family and it is away to communicate.

You can create your blog how ever you want it by choosing colours pictures and pages that you want.

Other types of sites are bebo, myspace, and facebook.

Tutorial Six: The internet and online communities

Tutorial Six: The internet and online communities

Either search online for a community which interest you or choose one of the provided online communities to investigate. Make sure your selected a community that comprises some form of online forum, discussion page or chat room. You may also wish to see if your community has a Wikipedia entry.

Provide the web address and the name of the community you are investigating
Name of community is my space.

What is the brief or focus of this community

What services are provided? How interactive is this site? How can people contribute?

This is an online community which is kind of like blogger and bebo. People have their own sites and post things on and other people can look at them. The site is very interactive and you can put anything you want on your site, post comments to other people, chat and online, which videos and movies. You can also listen to music. People contribute these ways.

The service provides:

Friends who want to talk Online, Single people who want to meet other Singles, Matchmakers who want to connect their friends with other friends, Families who want to keep in touch--map your Family Tree, Business people and co-workers interested in networking , Classmates and study partners and Anyone looking for long lost friends.

Consider material presented during the lecture and make comment on why people choose to contribute to this community. What is it they are seeking?

For all the reason the service provides is the reasons people use my space. Such has meeting up with friends and find along lost friends. These reasons we discuss in class also its gives people more opportunities to be more social and met and make friends.

Cut and paste an example of the type of topics being discussed (you may have to provide a context to your excerpt).

Considering material presented during the course and make comment on the potential ethical issues that may arise in this community e.g. lack of identity and accountability.

People shacking identities, then using the as their own.
Lack of privacy!
People knowing exactly where you live eg the town/city. This could be very unsafe.

Consider material presented during the lecture and make comment on the benefits this community holds over traditional notions of community e.g. communities reliant on geographic proximity

You can communicate all over the world. For example be on the top of the Southern Alps and be online and posting comments, chatting to people in other parts of the world. It is faster then sending a letter and opens up options to people in very remote places. Its also away of letting people know all is well and every thing is fine.

Consider material presented during the lecture and make comment what this community lacks or can not provide which traditional communities can.

You can’t talk face to face, as you can’t see the person, unless you have access to a camera. You can’t talk verbally to a person. But this opens up options for people to my be non-verbal as they can type (chat) on line.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tutorial Four and Five: Video Production Sessions

Tutorial Four and Five: Video Production Sessions

Task Four (Blog Posting): Provide a brief summary of the services offered by U Tube. Information can be drawn from the week five tutorial hand out.

UTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips.
Displays a wide variety of video content, including movie clips, TV clips and music videos, as well as video’s home made by people all over the world.

Task Five (Blog Posting): Provide a brief account (1-2 paragraphs) on how the use of planning (storyboarding and scripting aided your groups short film.

“Storyboards are a series of illustrations displayed in sequence for the purpose of previsualizing an animated or live-action film.” (From lecture slides) Using a story board is a good way of getting out ideas on to paper and seeing them come to life. We could get our ideas in the right order first then create our movie! Al you need is paper with boxes on it and write down or draw what you want to happen in each seen.

My group created a movie about a day in the G block at course we shot a variety of images then came back and created our 40 second movie. ( Which you can see as a posting on my blog. From the movie we cut out quiet a bit of footage as it wasn’t needed to be seen.

Tutorial Two: Digital Camera use and applications.

Tutorial Two: Digital Camera use and applications

“A new technology is rarely superior to an old one in every feature”. Briefly discuss this statement in relation to digital camera technology. What would you consider to be some of the pluses and minuses digital camera technology holds in relation to more traditional film based cameras?

Good things:
Photos are able to be view after taking then and you can delete the bad ones. You can choose what to develop and can easily print of pictures you want from your home computer.

Bad things:
It is expense to use film camera and the photos are not instant. There is no hard copy of pictures apart from the film. Getting the film back from the camera shop is slow but it is exciting. Using film camera is hard as there are lots of different functions to use.

List some of the ways that digital images can be stored transferred and manipulated using other communications technology.

Computers in hard drive
Flash drives
Cell phones

Given the prevalence of image capturing devices, and thinking about the issues discussed in tutorial one, consider what sort of ethical issues may arise with their use.

Misuse of copy write
People downloading things
If you are in a public place people have the right to take pictures of you.

Briefly discuss some of the ways that digital images could, or are, being used in occupational therapy practice.

Taking pictures of spaces for documentation.
Making maps for people.
Showing pictures to groups of what has been done.
Use for house modifications.
Mental Health: Taking photos maybe an activity.

Provide a brief summary of the services offered by

Flickr is a host site, which you can load pictures and movies on too.

Name one other photo storage website which offers a service similar to


Explain what the difference is between a digital and an optical zoom

A digital zoom crops an image to a smaller size, then enlarges the cropped portion to fill the frame, resulting in a loss of quality the larger the photo gets.An optical zoom uses the lens to focus, through changing focal length and magnification as it is zoomed. The subject is enlarged with the image quality staying high.

Explain what is meant by the term mega pixel

A pixel is a contraction of the term PIcture ELement.
Digital images are made up of small squares (pixels) like a tile mosaic. A mega pixel is one thousand pixels in a picture.

Tutorial One : Information Technology and Ethical Issues

Tutorial One : Information Technology and Ethical Issues

Provide a definition of Information Technology/Information Communications Technology (APA reference required)

Information technology (IT), also known as Information and Communication(s) Technology (ICT) and Infocomm in Asia, is concerned with the use of technology in managing and processing information, especially in large organizations. Retrieved February 14, 2007, from wikipedia

Consider the definition of IT you have provided. How is this form of technology prevalent in our society? How common place has it become?

Yes, very prevalent in our society, its used everyday. Its become very common place everyone uses it. Even the elderly population.

What IT devices or system do you feel comfortable and competent using?

InternetSearch engines
Online shopping
Memory sticks

Thinking about your own fieldwork experiences consider how IT is being used in Occupational Therapy practice?

Cellphones when we go out and do home visits
DNB- own network
Order equipment
cameras - taking pictures of spaces and places

What ethical implications arise from the capturing, sharing and transferring of information via IT devices (e.g. mobile phones) or systems (e.g. internet)

Storage of information.
False identity'shacking

Provide a definition of Computer Ethics (APA reference required)

Computer ethics is a branch of practical philosophy which deals with how computing professionals should make decisions regarding professional and social conduct. Retrieved February 14, 2007, from Provide a definition of Intellectual Property (APA reference required) In law, intellectual property (IP) is an umbrella term for various legal entitlements which attach to certain types of information, ideas, or other intangibles in their expressed form. The holder of this legal entitlement is generally entitled to exercise various exclusive rights in relation to the subject matter of the IP. The term intellectual property reflects the idea that this subject matter is the product of the mind or the intellect, and that IP rights may be protected at law in the same way as any other form of property. However, the use of the term and the concepts it is said to embody are the subject of some controversy

Provide a definition of Social Justice (APA reference required)

Social justice mostly refers to an ideal of society, where "justice" refers to economic status rather than to the administration of laws. It is based on the idea of a society which gives individuals and groups fair treatment and a just share of the benefits of society, although what is "fair treatment" and a "just share" must remain unclear or subject to interpretation. Retreived Februry 14, 2007, from wikipedia.

Provide a definition of Informed Consent (APA reference required)

Informed consent is a legal condition whereby a person can be said to have given consent based upon an appreciation and understanding of the facts and implications of an action. Retrieved February 14, 2007, from wikipedia.

In your own words briefly summarise why (or why not) a great understanding of ITC and the ethical issues it encompasses will help us in our practice and daily lives.

It will help with daily living in every aspect eg. at work and at home.There are disadvantages with hackers and confidentiality.